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t-harrisThe vision for JurisDOC was conceived by our CEO and founder, attorney G. Thomas Harris.

After years of chasing down old documents and authoring the same pleadings ad nauseam, he rejected the role of legal Sisyphus, and endeavored to create a solution that would free up valuable time, generate bigger caseloads and increase billable hours.

His solution was JurisDOC: a legal library and application that you can use to quickly generate and customize the volumes of paperwork that accompany any law practice.

Harris researched and wrote the content for JurisDOC based on the lessons he learned working for both defense and prosecution while practicing law in Kansas and Missouri. As the author behind the thousands of criminal law forms, family law forms and other documents in the program’s databases, Harris made sure that JurisDOC is software designed by attorneys for attorneys.

At JurisDOC, we know what law document automation software needs to do to help a law firm.

JurisDOC provides a comprehensive collection of forms and pleadings that cover more than 10 keys areas of law including divorce, adoption, criminal defense, trusts and wills – the core cases that are the basis of most solo practices and small firms.

Here at JurisDOC, we believe our automated law document assembly software can help your practice increase efficiency and profitability, but we’ll let you be the judge.

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