The purpose of JurisDOC is to save your practice money, so we don’t nickel-and-dime you with additional fees for each feature of the software. Your monthly subscription entitles you to unlimited use of all the features in JurisDOC, and there are no hidden costs.

JurisDOC gives you access to automated law form assembly and editing software that can be personalized for your practice. Find the law forms you need, alter them how you want, or even add your own forms as required by local court rules.

The software also provides an easy way to track and invoice your billable hours when you create your forms.

For one, low, monthly fee, you can have unlimited access to all JurisDOC has to offer.

There is no contract. You can stop at any time, but we’re sure you won’t want to after you see how it can help your business.

Your first user license is $50 per month.

Have more than one associate or partner? Get a second user license, or more, for only $50 per month for each additional user.

Ready to streamline your document assembly and editing process?

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Want to get your favorite forms or state-mandated forms quickly up and running in JurisDOC? We’ll load them for you!

Choose from a small QuickStart package of 5 forms (50 pages total) to a premium package that includes up to 150 forms.

Once the forms are uploaded, we train your team on how to use the forms. With a QuickStart package, you get administrator training, user training and unlimited technical support.


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