JurisDOC is automatic legal document assembly software designed and optimized for use by attorneys, lawyers and law office professionals.

As attorneys, we strive to provide high quality service and value for our clients.  Often, valuable time that would directly benefit our clients is occupied by gathering and editing necessary forms.

Automatic form assembly software can reduce the time required to draft client documents from hours to minutes which consequently increases a law firm’s profitability and client’s satisfaction.

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HotDocs ProDoc LegalEasy Clio Practise
My Case Time
Document assembly
Works on LAN
Tutorial available
Contains forms library
with forms
  1. Family law forms
  1. Criminal law forms
  1. Probate forms
  1. Estate planning forms
  1. Real estate forms
  1. Collections forms
  1. Business entity forms
  1. Other forms
User can edit / add forms
Company will add your
forms to library
and database
Saves time
Invoicing feature
Case Management
Price one user $50/mo $99/mo $174/mo
(2 users)
$24.95/case $39 –
$600 –
$39/mo $1,085 –
Price each additional user $50/mo $20/mo $35/mo $24.95/case $39 –
$53 –
$29 –

JurisDOC enables law office attorneys, associates, and paralegals to quickly find, edit, and assemble legal forms and documents.

With an extensive database which covers several areas of law and provides more than 2000 alternate clauses, JurisDOC gives you the flexibility to customize forms for your needs.

Automated document assembly by JurisDOC can:

  • Increase document drafting efficiency
  • Reduce lost time
  • Increase law office profits
  • Improve client relationships

JurisDOC also allows you to track and invoice for your time by selecting the appropriate personnel (attorney, paralegal or other staff) from the drop-down list, and entering the amount of time spent. The software quickly generates client invoices and tracks your received payments.

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