Why JurisDOC?

As an attorney, how much time do you lose every month tracking down law forms?

How many weekends and evenings over the year are spent editing those documents?

How much of that lost time is billable?

At JurisDOC, we know the aggravation associated with filling out the same form again and again. The impact to productivity and practice capital can compound with every new form a case requires.

Our frustration inspired the creation of easy-to-use legal document assembly software that reduces the wasted time and increases the amount of billable hours.

Created by attorneys, for attorneys, our software allows you to collect, edit or add all the criminal, family and other law forms you need to complete your casework automatically.

JurisDOC includes an extensive database, which covers several areas of law and provides more than 2,000 alternate clauses, that gives you the flexibility to customize the forms for your needs.

Law form collection is only one part of the problem. What about keeping track of the billable time spent performing form assembly?

JurisDOC allows you to tabulate and invoice for your time by simply inputting your hourly rate. The software will calculate the value of each form you prepare, quickly generate a client invoice, and even track your received payments.

JurisDOC is user-friendly, inexpensive and can save your practice time and money.

No more late nights wasted on finding the “right” law form.

No more money lost incorrectly tabulating the billable value of the form assembly process.

Whether you’re an attorney, legal secretary or office paralegal, JurisDOC provides an easier way for law professionals to get back to what they do best: advocating for their clients.

Want to know what our clients say? Read our testimonials:

“We are thrilled with your program. Certainly, we have been most happy with the options, since every case has such different needs. We have been typing everything by hand a couple of months before we found your program. We have found the program to be easy to use, complete and well written. We realize that this is so much better that our little program, we would not switch back, if we could. We are really impressed with the amount of technical skill put into the program.”

Lydia Carson
Kansas City, MO.

“I have a litigation support firm . . . . This is, by far, the best program I have found. Most are too expensive and still don’t have all of the requirements.”

Joshua E. Anderson
President and CEO
Serenity Legal Solutions
Indianapolis, IN

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