Apps & Automation: Is Your Law Firm Taking Advantage of Tech Trends

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Apps & Automation: Is Your Law Firm Taking Advantage of Tech Trends

To remain competitive in today’s business environment, law firms need to be aware of the technology trends impacting the field and understand how to leverage these trends to maximize their productivity and profits. These are some of the current trends in the field:

E-Discovery: Predictive Coding
Predictive coding is changing e-discovery document review by making it easier than ever to identify relevant and privileged documents. Combining e-discovery software with artificial intelligence (AI), predictive coding finds and ranks relevant documents, so you save time on manual review and substantially decrease the amount of money spent on e-discovery.

Digital Legal Libraries
Most legal books will soon be available as apps, which are available at lower prices. With legal book apps, you no longer have to worry about compatibility or download another e-book viewer. You can rent these books from online stores or from the publisher’s site for a specific price and period of time (after which, it will expire). Many legal publishers are already taking steps toward this model, and its popularity and availability is expected to increase.

Cloud Computing
Cloud based computing is becoming the norm. Cloud providers are strengthening their security measures and providing specialized protections for sensitive information, so you can let go of your regulatory worries and concerns about data security. It’s time to embrace the cloud.

Social Media
As social media marketing continues its upward trajectory in the legal world, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon if you haven’t already. If you think that social media is only for teens and “friends,” reconsider: You can use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogging and other social media to demonstrate expertise, build a following, develop relationships, and generate more exposure for your business.

Document Automation Software
Document automation software plays a critical role in providing legal services in an efficient and effective manner. By automating the creation of legal documents that are used repeatedly, you can avoid the hassle of finding the right form to use and cutting/pasting the same information over and over again. You save time, increase consistency across staff members, and increase your billable hours.

Taking advantage of the legal technology that’s out there will help ensure your business’ success. JurisDOC can help your practice run more smoothly with our legal document assembly software that makes it easier and faster for law firms to generate pleadings and other legal documents.

Now is the time to invest in document automation. Start with free use of JurisDOC, and see how it can be useful in your practice—saving time and turning that time into money. Find your free trial at

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