Legal Document Automation: What’s Stopping You?

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Legal Document Automation: What’s Stopping You?

I tend to repeat certain phrases when I talk to people about legal document assembly software. Increased productivity. Time and money savings. Overall profitability.

Because, after all the years I spent authoring and re-authoring pleadings and documents myself, the idea of using software is a no-brainer.

Many of my fellow lawyers agree. The 2015 American Bar Association Tech Reportsection on solo and small firms noted that 44%-50% of lawyers have access to document assembly software. The report also stated that almost 58% of respondents indicated that they budgeted for legal technology in 2015.

Of course, as the CEO and founder of JurisDOC, a legal document assembly software company, I’m a bit biased when it comes to the benefits of automation in the legal field.

That said, I sometimes hear legitimate concerns from other lawyers as they think about switching over from their tried-and-true method of manual document manipulation to software that does the job for them. Perhaps one of the following reasons for waiting is yours.

“It’s too expensive.”
Streamlining operating expenses is always a critical concern, especially for smaller firms. And, obviously, purchasing assembly software requires an upfront investment.

But, time, as they say, is money. Consider the amount of time you or your staff spend manually recreating or “cutting and pasting” words and phrases to generate legal documents for each new case.

Time that you could be using to, gee, I don’t know…find new clients, market your services, focus on research, play golf. You get the picture. Creating a new level of efficiency for your office will absolutely save you money, sooner than you think.

There are different priced tiers of software available, but unlike some software companies that nickel-and-dime you for customizable features, JurisDOC offers a flat monthly fee for unlimited use of all our software has to offer.

“Why would I want to cut down on billable client hours?”
Very few lawyers got into this business to run a charity, and the idea of being efficient at the risk of having to charge less overall can be a complicated issue.

Perhaps it’s time to reframe your thinking on the value you offer your client. A faster and improved level of service is a key benefit. One that can lead to more work, improved client relationships, more referrals, and ta da! More billable hours! The ability to convert part of your fee structure from hourly to flat can also improve customer satisfaction by eliminating hidden costs.

“I’m doing fine without it.”
Change can be challenging, especially within the sometimes traditional, conservative culture of the legal profession.

But, in his book “The End of Lawyers?“ Richard Susskind noted that document assembly software is one of 10 “disruptive technologies” that have radically altered the face of the legal profession.

The demand for faster and cheaper has led many would-be clients to seek out online services that have replaced the traditional role of lawyers. If you are not embracing this evolution of change, you’re going to lose business. Maybe not today, but definitely in the future.

“It will take too long for me and my team to learn it.”
Like every other technology, document automation has evolved from the old method of cutting and pasting from previously drafted forms to intelligently-merged document templates with existing data. Ease-of-use needs to be a critical selling point for any software provider.

JurisDOC provides a comprehensive collection of forms and pleadings that cover more than 10 keys areas of law including divorce, adoption, criminal defense, trusts, and wills. User-friendly, the software allows you to collect, edit, or add all the law forms you need to complete your casework.

Plus, we train your team on how to use the forms. With a QuickStart package, we’ll convert forms for you, plus you get administrator training, user training, and technical support.

So, what’s holding YOU back? JurisDOC can help you operate with the efficiency and profitability of a much larger office, but I’ll let you be the judge. Click here to try JurisDOC for free.

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