Why Customer Service Should Matter to Law Firms

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Why Customer Service Should Matter to Law Firms

Fellow lawyers, here’s a quick question for you: If I were to ask your last few clients what most impressed them about your firm, what would they say? Would they marvel at your ability to put together a flawless legal brief? Would they sing the praises of the wording choices on your non-disclosure agreement? How about your skill in breaking down your billable activities on an invoice?

I’m guessing none of those things really impress your clients. Because they’re probably not lawyers. And, although obtaining legal advice and representation is a commodity that folks are willing to pay substantially for, increased competition and access to information online means a broad range of choices for potential customers.

In fact, a recent survey found that 60% of corporate clients had replaced one of their primary law firms in the past 24 months due to dissatisfaction. Just like companies in any other service industry, law firms are increasingly expected to provide more than just the requested forms and motions; they are required to deliver outstanding customer service.

So, how can you make sure that you are keeping your clients happy enough, not only to stay on with your firm, but refer you to others? Provide a level of service and care that your customers can recognize as above and beyond.

Be Available — and, I Mean YOU
Your clients are paying top dollar for your advice, so when you don’t respond to their voicemails and emails, or have your assistant make a call for you, they can feel cheated. Not to mention, legal proceedings can be confusing and anxiety provoking for non-lawyers; they need to know you’re handling their case effectively. Make sure you are keeping your clients informed and get back to them promptly when they reach out to you.

Listen to Your Clients — and, I Mean REALLY Listen
Clients want to know they are more than just the 2:00 p.m. slot in your Outlook calendar. Building customer loyalty means learning about your clients and understanding their unique needs and perspectives.

Think about client interactions beyond the case particulars and instead consider how successful ones can enhance your professional relationships and strengthen loyalty. Remembering a child’s name or an interesting hobby can go a long way towards providing that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Value Can Be Priceless
If customers feel they’re being nickeled and dimed, I can guarantee they won’t recommend you to others. Be clear on your invoices as to what is being charged and why – make sure clients understand how every activity billed supports their case.

And, remember that value goes beyond dollars and cents; it’s a feeling you want your clients to experience. Figuring out how to provide that to each person you’re helping is priceless.

Use Technology to Your Advantage — and Your Client’s
Implementing technology to cut down on the time it takes to serve your clients helps them and you. Whether you’re storing contacts and leads in an online database, incorporating a customer relationship management solution in your office or leveraging JurisDOC document assembly software to make your firm more efficient, you should be taking advantage of leading-edge tools that make customer service a heck of a lot easier.

Great customer service should start with the first client interaction and should end…well, it shouldn’t end. At JurisDOC, we pride ourselves on providing an outstanding level of customer service to our lawyer clients, and that commitment has paid off.

Are You Ready for a New Opportunity? We’re Hiring!
JurisDOC continues to grow, and we’re excited to expand our team. We’ve got the software and law aspects of the business covered, and we’re looking for a person who will focus on sales — introducing potential customers to JurisDOC and helping them get up and running with the software.

The ideal candidate will come equipped with successful experience in tech sales and also be knowledgeable about law office operations. We’re offering a commission-only compensation arrangement that can deliver significant income to a successful salesperson. If that’s you — or someone you know — please contact me directly at .

And, if you’d like to learn more about how our automated document assembly software can make your law office more efficient and productive to keep your clients coming back for more, you should consider a free trial of JurisDOC. There’s no better way to see how quickly you can save time — and money.

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